I see things. Distorted shot of a woman looking anxious

What is mood?

“Mood” is a temporary state of mind or simply, how a person feels in a given moment. Moods can feel good, bad, or neutral. Unlike emotions, which tend to be stronger, specific, and shorter in duration, moods are more general, stable, and often less intense.  

Moods and emotions have a profound impact across many aspects of life.

Our mood can influence:

  • How we think, feel, and behave
  • Our interest in daily activities
  • How we develop and maintain relationships
  • Our decision making
  • How we view the world (e.g., pessimistically versus optimistically)

In healthcare settings, it can be difficult to escape negative-thinking cycles since there is almost always potential for negative outcomes. When an individual or a group of people experience negative moods it can lead to challenging workplace environments, spread among colleagues, and even affect family and friends.