The path toward recovery: Risk and resilience

Watch our virtual symposium about how healthcare providers are coping with the COVID-19 pandemic

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An ongoing surveillance and knowledge mobilization plan to support the needs of Canadian healthcare providers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Led by Dr. Margaret McKinnon, Principal Investigator of The Trauma & Recovery Research Unit at McMaster University.

We thank the Veterans Affairs–funded Centre of Excellence on PTSD for a contract to McMaster University and Homewood Health for a very generous $1M donation to Homewood Research Institute that allowed us to generate critical research used to construct this website.

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Screenshot of Adele, First Nations community care nurse

“Maybe it was because of burnout that I felt vulnerable”

Stories of COVID’s hidden crisis: moral injury and healthcare providers. A national video interview series

Resource centre

Coping with moral injury & moral distress

A self-directed learning program designed for point-of-care providers

Coping with stress, trauma, & post-traumatic stress

A self-directed learning program designed for point-of-care providers

Organization recommendations

Practical steps to address the mental health of employees and improve workplace culture

An introduction to trauma-informed care

A self-directed learning program designed for clinicians

Mental health assessment tool

Are you healthy, reacting, injured, or ill?

Virtual events

  • Team of medical workers wearing personal protective equipment against corona virus outbreak

    Symposium 2: The path toward recovery

    Risk & resilience in healthcare providers

    Watch >

  • Town hall 3: Finding our footing

    Self-care & self-compassion for healthcare providers

    Watch >

  • Coping with losing patient

    Symposium 1: COVID’s hidden crisis

    Moral injury & moral distress in healthcare providers

    Watch >

  • Close up shot of female nurse taking an old man hand while they are sitting on the couch

    Town hall 2: Work life, home life

    The impact of healthcare providers’ role on family & interpersonal relationships

    Watch >

  • Fatigued woman nurse hospital worker surgeon doctor in protective wear

    Town hall 1: Everybody hurts

    Moral injury & moral distress in healthcare providers

    Watch >

About the Trauma & Recovery Research Unit

The Trauma & Recovery Research Unit focuses on reducing the deleterious impact of trauma on individuals and families, fostering scientifically informed approaches to recovery, and post-traumatic growth. We are situated at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario


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