Diversité, fierté et portrait des médecins dans les services de santé, intégrité de l'hôpital et travail d'équipe ou leadership

Top 5 recommendations

Portrait of a doctor wearing a face mask in a busy hospital.

1. Support healthcare provider (HCP) mental health and well-being.

Acknowledge HCPs’ sacrifices and contributions with sincerity and authenticity.

Encourage HCPs impacted by stressful events to access existing organizational mechanisms such as sick leave or flexible scheduling.

Doctor, physician or medical professional doing paperwork in gp office checking online form, record.

2. Use concise and transparent communication when distributing updates or changes to policy.  

Create a centralized platform for HCPs to access consistent and up-to-date information to make it more manageable for HCPs to understand and implement necessary changes.

Portrait of mixed race male doctor wearing face mask standing in hospital corridor

3. Explain the rationale for all decisions and offer opportunity for input.

Explain how policy/protocol changes are informed and why they were necessary.

Have an open dialogue about major changes, such as redeployment, and allow for choice or input whenever possible.

High angle view of diverse medical team working together at table in hospital. Coffee cup, medical folders, clipboard, digital tablet and laptop are on the table.

4. Provide organizational support dedicated to fostering strong teams in the workplace. 

Check in with employees’ well-being during walkabouts or meetings and monitor HCPs demonstrating signs and symptoms of distress.

Implement processes that allow coworkers to provide social support to each other like wellbeing checks during team huddles.

Team of medical workers wearing personal protective equipment against corona virus outbreak

5. Encourage professional autonomy and respect at all levels of the organization.

Implement shared decision-making models that allow for bidirectional communication between team members.

Establish regular communication processes like town halls to give staff an opportunity to share feedback and concerns directly with senior leaders.