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Practicing defusion

Choose a thought that you find particularly bothersome. 

Next, apply the defusion strategies below to it. Notice which ones help to create space between you and your negative thought.2

Defusion strategyAction
Label your thought as thought.If you are thinking “Bob is a jerk,” say to yourself, “I am having the thought that Bob is a jerk,” or “I am telling myself the story that Bob is a jerk.”
Appreciate what your mind is trying to do.Say to yourself, “I really get that you are trying to be of use. You are trying to keep me out of trouble and make sense of a difficult situation. Thanks.”
Repeat your negative thought out loud.Say it with a silly voice (e.g., Eeyore from Winnie-the-Pooh)
Notice when you are being “hooked” by the thought.Choose to become unhooked.
Notice when you are “buying into” a judgmental or blaming thought.Ask yourself: Have I bought into this thought before?Is this an old and familiar pattern?Will buying into this story lead to a more fulfilling life, or will it lead to more pain and suffering in the long run?