Female nurse is holding head with hands in the clinic

Grief during the COVID-19 pandemic

Grief is a common human response to loss. If you have experienced grief during the pandemic, you are demonstrating a normal response to an abnormal situation!

For example, some of the most obvious losses include: 

  • Loss of people through physical death (both close to us and on a global scale)
  • Loss of physical health (for those affected by COVID-19)
  • Loss of safety
  • Loss of work/livelihood
  • Loss of social/physical connections and support
  • Loss of major life events (like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries)

As an HCP, you’ve been exposed to many — and possibly all — of the above types of loss. Grief makes sense for you.

If you believe you are experiencing a form of grief, we encourage you to remember it’s both natural and normal, and that help is available.