A screenshot of a nurse named Birgit. It's a closeup of her hands

What was it like for you during the pandemic?

Reflection: Now that you have watched the video series, take a moment for yourself. What was it like for you during the pandemic?

  • Like Mekalai, did you worry about putting your family in danger by bringing the virus home to your family?
  • Like Krissha, did you struggle to take care of yourself, even as you blamed yourself for not being able to do your work well?
  • Like Eram, did you feel torn between your multiple roles and identities (e.g., as a mental health provider, peer supporter, and child/family member)?
  • Like Naheed, Birgit, and Lily, did you notice that some patients/clients in your care were affected much more by the pandemic because they did not have the social, financial, and employment supports — such as paid sick days that would give them protection when they fell sick?

Just like the healthcare providers in the video series, think about the roles that you play in your life and how they come together to define and confine your experience. Consider how the circumstances of your life have affected the choices and decisions that were available to you, the ones you could and couldn’t make simply because you happened to be born in the environment in which you found yourself.