Diversity, proud and doctors portrait in healthcare service, hospital integrity and teamwork


Number of mentions (n ~ 1638)Recommendations by rough number of mentions
> 250Support HCP mental health and well-being.
200–249Be clear, transparent, and consistent in communications with employees. Develop and maintain a centralized place for HCPs to access the most up-to-date information on policies and procedures.

Explain the rationale for decisions and demonstrate your understanding of the impacts of decisions on your teams.

Provide organizational support and resources to foster strong teams.

Build team trust and support to foster a team-focused sense of identity and belonging.
150–199Professional autonomy and respect are important values to demonstrate at all levels of the organization.

Be a visible accessible presence to demonstrate support of and interest in your employees’ work.
< 149Acknowledge adverse mental health outcomes as an occupational hazard for healthcare worker and prioritize employee mental health as an organizational responsibility.