Serious doctor visiting female patient, giving consultation, recommendations, listening to complaints. woman complaining on healthcare problems to physician in white coat

What is forgiveness and why is it important?

Forgiveness is the process of letting go of the pain and hurt caused by a transgression. 

As a healthcare provider (HCP) during the pandemic, you may have experienced many hurtful scenarios. Things like conflict over resources, staff shortages, difficulty providing good care, and decisions made by leadership that felt unfair.

Forgiveness is not for the forgiven person’s benefit. It’s for your own healing. It can help you move past the pain and rediscover the real you. 

Forgiveness is also good for your health! Holding onto the hurt you’ve experienced can cause physical and mental health problems such as hypertension, stress, repressed anger, and depression.1 Forgiveness, on the other hand, helps sustain good relationships and reduces anxiety.2