Try one of the following strategies to help cope with cognitive problems:

  1. Problem Solving. When you have a complex problem, break it into the follow chunks to make it more manageable: First define the problem. Next define the goal(s). Then brainstorm all possible solutions. Finally, evaluate each solution and select the most appropriate one.
  2. Practice the STOP skill to connect with Learning Brain.
    • S – Stop: Notice that you’re acting from survival brain (based on defensive instincts) or emotion brain (based on emotion), not learning brain (based on thought)
    • T – Take a step back: it can be hard to evaluate a problem or make a decision when you’re in the heat of a moment. Give yourself some space to properly evaluate what is going on.
    • O – Observe: Notice what’s going on around you and inside of you.
    • P – Proceed thoughtfully: Ask yourself, “What do I want from this situation?” or “What are my goals?” or “What choice might make this situation better or worse?” or “What act will allow for success?”

Or try one of the following writing prompts:

  1. Think of a challenging situation you have been in recently and write a description of the event from the perspective of each of the 3 brain layers.